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 The newsfeed is already swamped with faces coloured beyond recognition, with cloudbursts of aabir or coloured powder that unapologetically stain bodies and clothes, clothes and hearts; with a careless abandon that is cathartic to say the least! I have grown … Continue reading

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The city goes through her daily motions, feigning ignorance of the calculated drama that unfolds in her vast darkness right above the heads of the millions who know Calcutta as ‘home’. Calcutta had one more tryst with the moon tonight- … Continue reading

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Calcutta Chronicles- Part 2 In the shadow of her mighty bridge…

The most iconic landmark of this city is undoubtedly the Howrah Bridge or the Rabindra Setu, which has outlived its colonial architects by more than 70 years. This Colossus stands, spanning the two shores of the muddy waters of the … Continue reading

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Today was a day when Calcutta walked me one large chapter in her story. I walked for over four hours under a cooperative winter sun, to seek and find what I never knew. I had often wondered why would these … Continue reading

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Scatterings of thoughts on a rainy day.

“The scatterbrain is a little like the patter of rain. Neither here nor there but everywhere.” ― Lang Leav, Love & Misadventure What is it about these droplets of a compound that percolate the warp and weft enclosing the you-ness … Continue reading

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