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It is time…

The Goddess is arriving. She chooses her month, her mode of transport, her weather and her moment. These are the variables she toys around with. But her city is chosen. Continue reading

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When you say nothing at all…

For a city that thrives on noise- angry crimson, persistent parrot green or just arbitrary plain white, there is a secret twilight zone, right in her heart, that puts her on a much needed detox diet. Continue reading

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A Date with History- Kolkata 16.08.15

There are moments in the lifespan of a city, which are written down in its annals as watershed moments. 16th August 2015, was perhaps one such day. Continue reading

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Making sense- the Calcutta way… Calcutta Chronicles Part 4

How do Calcuttans make sense of their city? Here are some (helpful?) visuals that indicate how we try to derive meaning out of chaos and nothingness. Now these deductions are based purely on my observations, and do not intend to … Continue reading

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