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Educator, writer, thinker, dreamer, mind traveller, a moderate feminist, a staunch humanist, eternal learner- i wear many hats and each hat has a voice that demands to be heard- so here i am blogging a bit of me in every post.

The Second Anniversary Blog

Let me taste the world once more, Its charms and seductions that throw themselves at me, And flit away heartlessly when I clasp onto their wisps…   Led into labyrinths that whispered of shade and succour, Inky black mazes soon … Continue reading

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 The newsfeed is already swamped with faces coloured beyond recognition, with cloudbursts of aabir or coloured powder that unapologetically stain bodies and clothes, clothes and hearts; with a careless abandon that is cathartic to say the least! I have grown … Continue reading

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Little of less…much of more

Sitting amidst the enchantingly romantic manicured gardens that surround the majestic colonial edifice of the Victoria Memorial, I listened to celebrities talk of the Calcutta that excites the curiosity of many with its appalling squalor and dark mysteries of crime, … Continue reading

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From the pages of a city’s past…

The Manicktala bus stand on an early Saturday morning in October saw a motley crowd of Calcuttans gather in an upbeat mood to explore on a whirlwind tour, a slice of the immense richness of the literary heritage of the … Continue reading

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It is time…

The Goddess is arriving. She chooses her month, her mode of transport, her weather and her moment. These are the variables she toys around with. But her city is chosen. Continue reading

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When you say nothing at all…

For a city that thrives on noise- angry crimson, persistent parrot green or just arbitrary plain white, there is a secret twilight zone, right in her heart, that puts her on a much needed detox diet. Continue reading

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The sea returned to the land what it did not want to keep for itself,

The sea washed its salty hands off this burden too heavy. Continue reading

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A Date with History- Kolkata 16.08.15

There are moments in the lifespan of a city, which are written down in its annals as watershed moments. 16th August 2015, was perhaps one such day. Continue reading

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Time Warp Edifice

Our edifices of worship are curious time warp zones. Once you cross over their threshold, you feel drawn to yield to their re-configured variables of time, space and distance. Musing upon this very thought, I nimbly tread my way on … Continue reading

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This Too Shall Pass…

It is not uncommon to discover that our gods have feet and hearts of clay, that our heroes are backroom dealers and manipulators. Then what? Continue reading

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