The newsfeed is already swamped with faces coloured beyond recognition, with cloudbursts of aabir or coloured powder that unapologetically stain bodies and clothes, clothes and hearts; with a careless abandon that is cathartic to say the least!

I have grown up watching with undiluted glee an assortment of relatives and friends celebrate this festival with the joie de vivre that is its hallmark- but all from a distance… not a doit of that colour made its way to me… I would not have it…On Holi, I am bey-wrongin, the one without colour.

Having lived all my life with this ‘condition’, I find myself in a self-chosen exile from the realm of hues and hullor, and know that I am bey-wrongin. So, with all audaciousness , I invite you on the occasion of the festival of spring , of colours to be, beywrongin with me….



When the world is too much with you, and sends in deluges of inky despair and self-doubt to waste your soul, your one soul, be beywrongin- bar those colours from staining the essence of you.



When they tell you, that friendships do not last, that self serving interests override every bond in this world, show them how hands can be held with fidelity and souls sheltered amidst the searing heat of suspicion and mistrust.



When you have loved and lost, loved again and lost again, and wondered what do you do right to keep Love; be sure to wrong the doubts and give of yourself recklessly to Love, once more…because you can and know that nothing else should matter…



When they tell you, you’re a girl or you’re a boy, so you can’t love a girl or boy because it is a norm, tell them you want to wrong the rules, because you know better than to refuse Love who does not find its way too often into a waiting heart…



Having lived your life on paths pre-determined by others long gone, by rules pre-set to judge right and wrong, be(y) wrong(in)-

change your point of view sometimes- it is cathartic.

change your insecurities for a disregard for yourself- you will be fine, yes you will.

change your song…dance to a new rhythm that the world cares not for…and watch it slowly but surely follow you in time …


Be wrong, so wrong-

that your colour of be-ing is the only colour of the universe;

that you set yourself free of any colour that makes you less than what you are;

that you can make others see the magic of their ‘wrong’ed selves and they can set themselves free;


Be(y)wrong(in)… it is time….





About preetiroychoudhury

Educator, writer, thinker, dreamer, mind traveller, a moderate feminist, a staunch humanist, eternal learner- i wear many hats and each hat has a voice that demands to be heard- so here i am blogging a bit of me in every post.
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4 Responses to Be(y)wrong(in)

  1. The courage to change. The will to progress, proceed. You have awakened them.

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  2. Joy Acharyya says:



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