This Too Shall Pass…

This blogpost was not planned for- it has engendered itself out of a dilemma that compels me to voice my confused state of mind over what many may regard as a non-issue. But then, the annoying way of the world seems to be that the little things construct the entire picture- and before we know it, the picture may not be a very pretty one at all.

The issue at hand is whether to abstain from such actions that may directly or indirectly show support for an individual of incredible cult status in a society like ours (which is absolutely starved for heroes of the real kind), when his actions have been unacceptable.

Well, for starters, I have no absolute opinion on this one. I have been extremely vocal in person and on social media in my criticism of the lack of responsibility and conscience displayed by the individual who has countless fans declaring their allegiance to his innocence in the matter.
Yet, when the movie got its long awaited release, I was tempted to watch it like countless others who will have watched it or have planned to watch it.
I must also confess that this temptation has come escorted by a nagging feeling of unease with it, like most temptations do.

It is not uncommon to discover that our gods have feet and hearts of clay, that our heroes are backroom dealers and manipulators. Then what? Do we subject our gods to a modified status, or do we compartmentalize their lives lived in and away from public view, or do we reject them as mistakes?
I wish I had it so simply worked out as those ardent worshippers who remain steadfast or those who never considered him heroic in the first place.

Anyways, my query led me on a brief quest- I turned to social media to ask for opinions on this matter and many voices travelled in the form of binary digits to tell me what people think. What I gleaned from the responses so far was this- many people are angry; the grapes of wrath are full and bitter; but there also seems to be a general acceptance that such ethics are better off in the e-drawing rooms and e-coffee houses of our world. It does not really matter in the scheme of things in reality.

Then I am tempted to ask the next question- why don’t we accord all our public personas to the same compartmentalization? I recall with a shudder how my staid city had reacted with violence on the streets to the arrival of a writer who had challenged the oppressive and hypocritical patriarchy of society. We sure did not ‘compartmentalize’ her work from her persona!

The relieving feature of this ethical dilemma, as some may phrase it, is that there are so many other examples of it from our daily living that we do not have to lose sleep over it at all. Like all the other similar dilemmas that nag us from time to time, This Too Shall Pass. We shall numb ourselves once more and carry on with life. It is anyway a tough job to return home without being ‘runover’ by the exacting schedules we follow.

So will I watch it, or won’t I? Maybe I will after all – I am only being human you see 

Trapped in a momentary dilemma, we can either settle into it or struggle to break free.

Trapped in dilemma’s mesh, we can either settle into it or struggle to break free.

About preetiroychoudhury

Educator, writer, thinker, dreamer, mind traveller, a moderate feminist, a staunch humanist, eternal learner- i wear many hats and each hat has a voice that demands to be heard- so here i am blogging a bit of me in every post.
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