Love…you are a multi-coloured feeling…

(Lines penned in the name of the visually and emotionally most evocative word in any language).


Remember the lilacs of the virgin warmth teasing its way out of the arid terrain of your heart, for the very first time?

Remember the redness of that surging wave that silently washed you away in its soothing sensation, but left you parched and thirsting for that high?


Remember the fuchsia of the sudden touch, the brush of a clammy hand against warm skin that flitted across your face as a delayed blink?

Remember the orange of the words, spoken with casual deliberateness that set fire to your thoughts the entire nightlong?

Remember the burnt sienna of those blazing eyes that simmered with the dreams of tomorrow?


Remember the greens of envy, aquamarines of bliss, ambers of unending waiting, Purples of anger, pastels of despair, and greys of fear?

Remember the olive greens of a mother’s nurturing caress, the busy browns of a father’s strong hands that held yours?


Remember the pinks of friends who made you smile through the tears, the aubergines of appreciation, ceruleans of caring, amaranths of affection, turquoise of trust, purpureus of Platonic love?


Was all of that love?

Love, aren’t you a prism…myriad hued in one stroke?


And like us, you await a fiery touch to reveal all.

Love you are a multi-coloured feeling.

Credits– All the snapshots in this post have been taken by my super talented friend Sammya Brata. He has graciously allowed me to use his work for this post. Thank you  Sammya Brata 🙂

You can find more of his work on


About preetiroychoudhury

Educator, writer, thinker, dreamer, mind traveller, a moderate feminist, a staunch humanist, eternal learner- i wear many hats and each hat has a voice that demands to be heard- so here i am blogging a bit of me in every post.
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3 Responses to Love…you are a multi-coloured feeling…

  1. Brian Bach says:

    Such a blissful celebration, Preeti. Not one out-of-place word. You are an original!


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Brian says:

    Such a blissful celebration, Preeti. Not one out-of-place word. You are an original!

    Liked by 1 person

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